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:::::CURRENT PRODUCTION TIME is 2 WEEKS + shipping travel time via USPS::::::
**All items are made to order in shop, in Escanaba Michigan**
Custom Script Last name sign. Wood cut out sign with underlined under the last name. Heart placed on opposite end of name where swash falls to offset/balance the sign.

-15 inches long x approx 6-8 inches tall x 1/4 inch thick.
-12 inches wide X approx 4-6 inches tall x 1/4 inch thick

🌟*Please include in the personalization box*🌟
🌟1.) LAST NAME to be used "The + Surnames"
The PLURAL version of your name will be used.

The rule we use:
"For most names, add an -s to make them plural. For names that end in ch, s, sh, x, and z, add -es to make them plural. *There is an exception to this rule: If your last name ends in ch but is pronounced with a hard /k/ sound, like the word monarch, add only an -s rather than -es."

::Colors not available in drop down menu are not available for this listing: Glitter Blue, Red, Pink, Purple will have the base color pictured in chart::

❤This sign is for THE BROUSSARDS example. it will be displayed as "The"
[insert your last name pluralized]
Underline & heart (if needed) below name.❤

❤-See pics for font variation examples-❤

**Names without gaps between the bottom line & name will have hearts at beginning or end of name as there will be no place for the heart to sit under & no need to offset the balance of the wood letters & underline. Letters that do not swoop under - F, P, s, C, c, d, e, h, i, l, O, o, T, V, v, W, w - if your name begins & ends with these letters, there is a chance the heart will be placed level with the name at the beginning or end. Names that start with a Y, G, J & end with a y, g, j (or vice versa)**

The Broussards - Glitter Silver

Names will be done with swash, swirly versions of the letters. "The" will be placed on/in between the tallest letters of your last name, examples can be seen in the "Mr&Mrs" pics.

-A prop is included to help the sign free stand (as pictured).

-These are 1/4 inch thick (they will not 'free stand' without prop)
-if you choose, no paint - item is sanded, wood is a light maple wood color.

*Proofs available upon request for custom orders, may delay processing time*

-At this time, there is no hanging device included. I recommend hanging/mounting with double sided mounting tape from your local hardware/department store or hanging from a hook or nail.

Great for a newly wed gift, wedding gift, wedding decoration, housewarming gift, anniversary gift, mother's day, father's day, birthday, or use for a wedding gift or as a personal touch at your own wedding.

Last name wood cut sign. Wood letter sign. Laser cut wood sign. Wooden letters. Wooden last name sign. Wood Mr and Mrs. Wooden Mr and Mrs sign.

-This is made from real maple wood, in some cases (depending on color as well) where a wood knot or wood grain may be visible, this is not mean defective, it's simply a natural occurrence in the wood.

**This is a wood product. There may be occasional lines, minor imperfections, the product will have characteristics of WOOD. We quality check all of our signs. There may be very slight & minor paint imperfections, we do the best we can & only send the best possible product. We paint every sign ourselves & do NOT claim to be the most professional perfect painters. The best wooden sign possible is guaranteed, not "perfection". BACKS of sign are not perfect & is typically where we face the most wood grain, knots, & lines.

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