Who are we?

We are family living in Powers, MI. We have two young daughters, one Rottweiler, three dachshunds, & two cats.  We are a husband & wife duo who started this business in their basement as a hobby.
Year one of business (2016), we decided to invest in a silhouette machine & a fancy camera, from there we gradually grew using Etsy's selling platform.
Year two (2017), we decided to invest in a laser engraver/cutter & a CNC machine. Then in June of year two we quickly became busy enough for me (Valine, the wife half of this duo) to quit her day job. Etsy + the right tools + hard-work have continued to be our recipe for continued growth.
Year three (2018), our business rapidly outgrew our home & our home became a cluttered workshop. As a result, in January 2018 we decided to take another leap, buy a building as a shop & point for local shoppers to pick up orders. We also look forward to taking back our home. This is also the year we look forward to reaching another goal of bringing the husband half part of this duo into the business full-time as well. Currently, he is still employed full-time at Marinette Marine. (UPDATE: Goal accomplished May 2018). Jake is now working full-time at our home-grown business. We have also brought on two employees.
We are now very much looking forward to continue our growth & be a positive asset in our local community. 
Update 2021: We now have 8 employees. Our business has helped give back to our community, & afforded us a down payment a new house in the country-side that we've been working so hard towards, for many years!

Since this business is our baby, we plan to keep our business as real as we are. You aren't ordering from a large business when you order from us, you're ordering from our family, helping our family, supporting our local community, & keeping this team of two in business.(NOW 10 people as of 2021, hard to believe!)

We appreciate every last one of our customers, even the critical ones.

You can also checkout where it all started - our Kobasic Creations Etsy Shop

And these are the faces behind the words & products. Jake & Valine Kobasic