Name Place Cards. Wedding Name Place Plates. Small Wood Name Tag Cutouts

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We copy & paste from here. Please no commas or any punctuation. No all capital letters, we will convert to titlecase (uppercased first letter, lowercased rest). All lowercased letters are acceptable.

Name Preview:


 (Note: all letters & dots of the same name will be connected. font thickened for durability)

❤Personalized Name Place Cards, Wood Name Cut outs for Plate Settings for wedding party favors, guest favors, event dinners, name tags, etc. When handled with care can be used for years to come.

❤Can be used for table setting name tags/ place settings / as place cards at any event or use for any fun craft you may be doing.

 •Add Paint here:

❤Custom Wood Cut out Name, beautiful, elegant modern font, laser cut perfection

❤Can be used for table settings / place settings / as place cards at any event or use for any fun craft you may be doing.

❤Choose your color & select correct quantity option from the drop down menu to see your price.

❤In the personalization box-
1.) Type name needed
Ex: Robert or robert ---- NOT ROBERT
3.) NO all capital letters (Ex: ROBERT). Words/Names in ALL capital letters in cursive are not legible nor do they work properly. Anything typed with ALL uppercase letters will be converted to titlecase (titlecase = uppercase first letter, rest lowercased - Ex: Robert). All lowercase lettering is also acceptable (ex: robert)

❤Laser cut from 1/4 inch thick maple mdf (6mm)

❤2-4" tall overall X approx 3-8" wide x 1/4" thickness
---- Monica - approx 2" tall (height of the M) x 4.5" wide
---- Robert - approx 3" tall (height of the t) x 4.5" wide
---- Sophia- approx 4" tall (height from the top of the h to bottom of the p) x 4.5" wide
---- Jacob - approx 3.3 tall (height from top of b to bottom of J) x 4.3" wide
(Names with less letters, will have shorter widths, names with more letters than the examples will have wider widths)

Short names such as (when lowercased is used) jim, joe, tom, eva, eric, etc will be shorter in height & approx 1.5"-4" wide, charlotte would be wider, 7-9" wide) - Final width/height varies with the type & number of characters in name/word. ALL NAMES IN A SINGLE ORDER WILL BE PROPORTIONAL TO EACH OTHER.

*Note* This is made from real maple wood, in some cases (depending on color as well) where a wood knot or wood grain may be visible, this DOES NOT mean defective, it's simply a natural occurrence in the wood. Larger names are more likely to incur this as they take up larger sections of the wood.

Last name wood cut sign. Wood letter sign. Laser cut wood sign. Wooden letters. Wooden last name sign.

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