Custom Wood Name Sign Nursery Decor, Personalized Word Sign, Script Swirly Wooden Name, Childrens Name sign, Backdrop, Girl Baby Shower Gift

  • $22.00

No all uppercased letters. Either titlecased as shown, Grace or grace. NOT GRACE

❤Custom Wood Name Sign Cut out with laser cut perfection. Beautiful swirly, but classy name or word sign. Great for Nursery Name Signs, A baby shower gift for an expecting mom, a personalized birthday gift, or use as a custom last name sign for a wedding or for your own custom home decor.

♥We use the advertised elegant, but modern, swirly font

Production time 1-2 business days

ADD PAINT color:

♥ Listed sizes are by width / left to right span (1/4 inch thick, signs 30"+ made from 1/2" thick wood)
♥Choose your size (width) + color option from the drop down menu to see your price.

♥Double sided mounting tape (available at local department stores) is recommended for hanging or small nails.

♥We recommend names with more letters to be in the longer widths to avoid smaller heights.

♥Sizes of example pictured signs (keep in mind if the name you need has more or less letters the heights will differ):
Julia at 18" wide = 10" tall (from top to bottom of J)
Julia at 24" wide = 13.5" tall
Julia at 30" wide = 17" tall
Julia at 36" wide = 20.33" tall

Grace at 18" wide = 10" tall (from top to bottom of G)
Grace at 24" wide = 13.3" tall
Grace at 30" wide = 16.6" tall
Grace at 36" wide = 20" tall

Sizes 48" are available upon special request for names that exceed 9 characters, if a size above 42" wide is desired.

♥Measurements listed in the drop down menu is the width/length of the name in inches. Height will vary with each individual name based on the number of letters it has & whether or not there are any letters with hanging tails - for instance 'g', 'y', 'p', 'j' etc.

♥Laser cut from maple. 1/4 inch thick (6mm), 30"+ signs will be cut from 1/2"
♥You can choose a Do it Yourself option of natural wood & You can order without paint.

♥Proofs available upon request, may delay processing time.

♥At this time, there is no hanging device included. We recommend hanging/mounting with double sided mounting tape from your local hardware/department store or hanging from a hook or nail. Not free-standing.

♥*Note* This is made from real maple wood, in some cases (depending on color as well) where a wood knot or wood grain may be visible, this DOES NOT mean defective, it's simply a natural occurrence in the wood. Larger names are more likely to incur this as they take up larger sections of the wood. Knots faced to back, if any.

♥Great for a children's bedroom, wall hanging, birthday gift, name marker, home decor, wall signs, picture displays, wedding gift, wedding decoration, housewarming gift, anniversary gift, mother's day, father's day, birthday, or use for a wedding gift or as a personal touch at your own wedding with a last name

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