Custom Name Sign, First & Middle Name. Personalized Name Sign, Handwritten Font Personalized Wood Name Sign. Wooden Name Childrens Name sign

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:::::CURRENT PRODUCTION TIME is 2 WEEKS + shipping travel time via USPS::::::
**All items are made to order in shop, in Escanaba Michigan**
❤Custom Wood Cut out First & Middle Name Sign

❤Modern, block lettering font for the first name (all capital letters as pictured in listing photos) & modern handwritten calligraphy font for the middle name. First letter will be capitalized automatically unless it specified to not capitalize the first letter of the middle name

**Middle Name font preview:**
(all letters & dots will be connected, font thickened for durability)

❤Laser cut perfection

❤ Listed sizes are by width / left to right / end to end measurements (1/4" thick wood used for signs 24" wide & under, 1/2 inch thick wood used for signs 30"+ wide )

❤Choose your size (width) + color option from the drop down menu to see your price. The width selected will be "how wide" the first name is, middle name will be sized smaller to match similarly to the listing photos.

❤Pictured CASE is 36" wide (14.5" tall) & William is 15.75" wide (7" tall overall), Total size of both signs together = 36" wide x 22" tall from the top of CASE to the bottom of William. First name is individual letters as pictured (all separate, not connected). The middle name as pictured is cursive by itself, not connected to the first name.

💚Please include in the personalization box
1.) First & middle name to be used (or other two words) - select width of first name in drop down menu. Middle name will be proportional as seen in the listing photos.
-Any two word/name combo
-First names Limits-
*4 letter names cannot exceed 42" wide*
*3 letter names cannot 36" wide*

❤We recommend longer names to be in the longer widths. Short widths + longer names = visually small, short height. Please photo example.


❤Double sided mounting tape or strips (available at local department stores) is recommended for hanging or small nails. Letter extensions/swirls/swoops/crevices can be used to rest on small nails or hooks. We suggest the safest, most secure way that works for you & the sign's location. We also suggest to use the proper amount of mounting tape, as well as following the instructions to use the double sided mounting tape (properly clean all surfaces prior to adhering mounting tape)

♥Laser cut from maple mdf ply. Signs 30"+ wide are 1/2 inch thick
Small signs 24" wide & under are cut from 1/4" thick maple mdf
♥You can choose a Do it Yourself option of natural wood & order without paint, sign will be sanded smooth & clean.

♥Proofs available upon request, may delay processing time.

♥*Note* This is a wood product. There may be occasional lines, minor imperfections, the product will have characteristics of WOOD. We quality check all of our signs. There may be very slight & minor paint imperfections, we do the best we can & only send the best possible product. We paint every sign ourselves & do NOT claim to be the most professional perfect painters. The best wooden sign possible is guaranteed, not "perfection". BACKS of sign are not perfect & is typically where we face the most wood grain, knots, & lines.

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