Where Can You Display a Custom Name Sign?

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Where Can You Display a Custom Name Sign?

A custom name sign is a perfect addition to any home, as it can be displayed in a variety of locations. Kobasic Creations in Escanaba, MI, specializes in custom signs for your house that are tailored to your specifications. These wooden signs can be customized with various colors, sizes, and wording. If you're looking for a unique gift or decorative item for your home, a custom name sign from Kobasic Creations is a perfect choice. Some great places to display your custom name sign include:


Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so why not add a custom name sign that reflects you and your style? Many people choose a wooden sign that features their last name or first name, as it adds a personal touch to the space. You can customize the colors to complement your kitchen's décor, and choose a size that fits perfectly above your cabinets or on the wall.

Nursery or Bedroom

A custom name sign from Kobasic Creations would make a wonderful addition to any nursery or bedroom. The wooden sign can be used as a decorative piece, or you can use it to personalize the space with your child's name! For your bedroom, you can create a custom Mr. and Mrs. wooden sign to hang above the bed as a beautiful focal point. This also makes a great gift for newlyweds or anniversary gifts!


If you're looking for a unique way to decorate your wedding, consider using custom name signs from Kobasic Creations! You can use them as table decorations, or create a large Mr. and Mrs. wooden sign to hang above the dance floor. Large orders of customized wooden signs come with a discount, making them the perfect choice for your wedding décor!

Entryway or Foyer

Personalize your entryway or foyer with a Kobasic Creations custom name sign! You can choose a size and style that fits with the overall look of your home, and customize it with your family's name or initials. This is a great way to make guests feel welcome in your home!

Ready to display a custom name sign in your home? Browse the Kobasic Creations collection to get started! You'll find a wide selection of signs to choose from, and our team can help you create the perfect wooden sign for your space. Buy your custom name sign today!

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