Halloween Signs: Spooky to Scenic

Halloween Signs: Spooky to Scenic

Three carved jackolanterns

Halloween is a time of getting dressed up and immersing oneself in the spirit of the holiday. As we put on costumes, don't forget to do the same with your home. At Kobasic Creations, we help homeowners adorn their properties with wood sign decor ranging from family name signs to holiday decorations. Continue reading to learn how we can get your home ready for October 31st!

Wooden jackolantern cutouts


When you think of Halloween, jack-o-lanterns are one of the first images that pop into your mind. You can decorate your home with real jack-o-lanterns, or you can celebrate the night with our spooky, smiling wooden jack-o-lantern signs.

Custom word sign cutouts

Custom Messages

At Kobasic Creations, we offer custom wood name signs. As we approach the spooky season, you can personalize a wooden sign and apply Halloween messaging for appropriate October messaging.

Wooden pumpkin sign

Wooden Pumpkin Signs

Not all decorations need to be in the spooky spirit as long as you keep with the autumnal theme. We offer simple pumpkin signs that can be a great decoration for your home or workspace. Having a simple festive feeling will make your environment fit in regardless of the haunting nature of other's decorations.

Wooden die-cut cow sign


To add an extra touch of spookiness, you can purchase a wooden animal sign from our shop and hang it on your windows. Our shop sells chickens, bears, and more. Though these are not typically part of Halloween decorations, they can add a sense of mystery to the dark holiday. For instance, a large cow sign can make for a distressing scene when a dark shadow looms over the animal.

To get your home ready for Halloween, browse the Kobasic Creations shop today for a variety of oddball ideas and wooden signage. Contact us today to learn more!

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