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Custom Wooden Name Sign for Home Decor, Wood Word, Baby Name Sign, Family Name Sign, Custom Name Sign, Girl or Boy Nursery Above crib sign

Custom Wooden Name Sign for Home Decor, Wood Word, Baby Name Sign, Family Name Sign, Custom Name Sign, Girl or Boy Nursery Above crib sign

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No all uppercased letters. Either titlecased (ex. Walker) as pictured or lowercased (ex. walker)

❤Custom Wood Name or Word Sign. Great for Personalized Baby shower gifts, wedding name sign gifts, or personalize your home decor with a custom sign that fits YOU.

❤Custom Wood Word Cut Out Signs, Production time 1-2 business days +(SHIPPING TRAVEL TIME)


❤Preview your word or name in these fonts (proofs NOT provided automatically, please utilize this link to view your word/name):

(Hailey, Walker, Dominic are jacob font, Dooley is farmhouse font, Family is sam font)

****IMPORTANT Note: Dots to i(s) are attached to name, font is thickened for durability, all letters of word/name connected EXCEPT brittany & chicago fonts. BRITTANY & CHICAGO fonts will be separated like the sample shows, with dots connected. Print fonts will be all separate letters (NOT connected) as pictured.*******

❤Cursive words at 50" or 60" wide will be cut into 2 separate pieces (basically, cut perfectly 'in half'). They can be lined back up for a perfect fit when mounting.

❤Tips for optional finish at arrival - Yes, the signs will take stain. Mattes, flats, & metallic paints work best. Some colors (especially glosses) will require primer. All signs will arrive sanded smooth & ready for finish if desired. They are beautiful in their natural state as well. Wood grain always varies, the pattern of the grain is always different.

❤Listed sizes are by width of the word or name (width is the left to right measurement of the first name) width is NOT height. Final height will vary with the number of letters in the word or name, the more letters a word has the shorter it will become in any given width to remain proportionally correct.

❤Modern fonts with laser cut perfection

❤Laser cut from maple mdf (mdf core for durability, maple exterior for a beautiful wood finish).
❤ Sizes up to 24" wide are 1/4" thick (6mm)
❤Signs made at 30" or wider signs will be cut from 1/2" thick

❤We recommend longer names to be in the longer widths. Short widths + longer names = visually smaller, short height.

❤Double sided mounting strips/tape/putty (not included, available at local department stores) is recommended for hanging (best for middle names). OR Resting the loops/swirls/crevices of the letters from small nails. Using a pin nailer is really best. Hanging over a greenery wall or for a backdrop, fishing wire is a great tool.

*We suggest the safest, most secure way that works for you & the sign's location. We also suggest to use the proper amount of mounting tape. As well as following the manufacturer's instructions on whichever method you choose to hang (PLEASE properly clean all surfaces (wall & sign) prior to adhering mounting strips/tape to sign or wall (We use rubbing alcohol on our own signs). PLEASE SECURE YOUR SIGNS APPROPRIATELY.

♥*Note* This is made from real maple wood (mdf core+maple veneer layered exterior), in some cases where a wood knot or wood grain may be visible, this DOES NOT mean defective, it's simply a natural occurrence in the wood. Larger names are more likely to incur this as they take up larger sections of the wood. Knots faced to back, if any. Wood grain colors are NOT defects.

***We are not responsible for customer's failed hanging methods.***

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